Sports Management Degree – Bachelor Degree Online

Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management

If sports are your life, why not get your BA in sports management and have your passion become your career! This program will help you understand the basics and get you prepared to have a successful career in the dynamic industry of sports. There are so many options available to choose from in what you can major in. For example, you can become a sports agent, or work in sports medicine and be a physical therapist or even a coach for your favorite team! In addition to taking many sports management classes, you will also be taking some human resource classes along with microeconomics and business/marketing classes. The objectives of any sports management school program should include applying sports management skills to the workplace and coordinating sport-related events, activities and projects. An optimal program also provides you with internship opportunities. Being in this field might require you to go to sports games and study them rather than just enjoy the atmosphere. The program will also explore the basic legal system and principles of professional and amateur sports including the means of limiting the liability of sports organizations. Marketing concepts will be examined as they apply to sports organizations as well. Sport Management has developed rapidly as a field of study, and with it, the number of professional preparation programs has grown. There are a bunch of athletes out there looking for their next new agent to sign with, and a bunch of athletes who need help with physical therapy! Break into the sports industry today! This could be you this time next year!

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Associate’s in Software development

Associate’s in Software development

Part of living in this generation is getting accustomed to the different types of technology that we are introduced to every day. If you are one of those people who are fathomed by technology then this program is definitely for you. In a software development associate’s degree program you’ll learn the latest techniques in computer software and programming languages and how they’re used in Internet and business applications. In addition to your coursework, you’ll have a hands-on learning experience. You will learn to use programming languages such as Visual Basic to construct stand-alone applications; advanced object oriented programming languages like C++ are stressed. Many associate degree programs will also cover data management, network technologies and computer hardware.


What you learn in the program is easily transferrable to careers outside of the gaming industry (especially programming)

Programs are usually designed so you can easily transfer to a bachelor’s program if you choose

Can lead to a high-paying job (programmers earned a median salary of about $73,000, while the nationwide median salary for associate’s degree holders was $40,000 in 2011)*


A bachelor’s degree is usually required for many of the careers in the gaming industry

Programs are broad and cover all the different aspects of game development, limiting your opportunities to specialize in a particular area of game development

Some programs don’t include an internship option, so you may have to find your own ways to get experience while in school

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2011 figures).

So get out there and get started on your Associates degree on Software Development today!

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Build Apps for your Phone

BA in Mobile Applications

Unfortunately our generation, and generations after us can no longer survive without technology. We are growing to be too dependent on it. Technology is growing fast and trying to keep up with it is hard. It is quickly expanding and because it’s expanding, we need to be one step ahead, always. The industry is ripe for independent publishers and entrepreneurs, and the curriculum also covers the business side of mobile development. Being an application developer, your job is to test software, be comfortable with programming websites, get used to human-computer interaction, and manage databases. You will also learn to develop applications to be eventually put on Androids, computers, Apple iPhones, and tablets. You will be the person who gets to beta test all the games, and lifestyle applications that are sent your way. You could also be the one to design your own applications. The high level of applied knowledge pertaining to mobile app design and development will help launch a career as a mobile app developer, or advance your career in your current position. You will learn best practices in browser-based and packaged apps, 3rd party native extensions and plugins, distribution to app stores, and cross-platform application development. In addition to the native and web standards-based application development techniques, you can expand technical skills in frameworks such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, and Apache. Who knows, you could be the next billionaire for creating the next application that sends our generation of technology to the next level. Good luck and we can’t wait to see what new mobile application you come up with!

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Get Cash for College.

A college education is the greatest investment a person can make. While the cost of attending college has increased in recent years, it has never been easier to qualify for funds to aid a student with the expense. Students are being encouraged to further their education and there is help available from a number of different resources.

When deciding how to secure money to pay for college the first place to apply is through the US Department of Education. Go to and click on “start a new FAFSA” to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid. There are a number of different forms of financial aid offered through the federal government, from scholarships to loans to grants. Stafford federal student loans are the most common government loan given to students. One of the greatest benefits of this type of loan is that they are not credit-based which makes them more readily available. Federal student loans are available as subsidized and unsubsidized. The main difference between the two is that the federal government pays the interest on subsidized loans while the borrower is responsible for the interest with an unsubsidized loan. Therefor subsidized loans are a cheaper option for students.

There are also grants available for qualifying students. Most commonly a Federal Pell Grant is available to undergraduate students with financial need. The Federal Pell Grant program is sponsored by the United States Department of Education which determines the student’s financial need. The U.S. Department of Education uses a standard formula to evaluate financial information reported on the student’s FAFSA application. The greatest benefit of a Pell Grant, unlike a loan it does not need to be repaid.

Financial scholarships are awarded to students to help them with the cost of attending college and also do not need to be repaid. Scholarships can be awarded to students based on their academic and/or athletic achievements, and they can also be given to aid students of a certain demographic for the purpose of encouraging higher education. For instance there are scholarships available only for military families, there are also scholarships geared toward adults wanting to return to school.

There are a number of different resources available to students who are looking for a scholarship that they may qualify for. One very helpful resource is the financial aid office at the school you plan to attend. Religious foundations, community organizations, ethnicity-based organizations, and employers also offer scholarships and other forms of financial aid. In addition there are a number of state and federal agencies to assist you in locating financial aid.

When starting the application process be mindful that many scholarships require that your application be submitted up to a year in advance of starting school. It is important to be aware of any deadline that you may need to meet in regards to your application. Each scholarship has different requirements and their corresponding websites should indicate who qualifies and what is expected of applicants.

Scholarship money is awarded in a couple different ways. In some cases the money is sent directly to the school you are attending and is applied to your tuition and fees. Alternatively, a check may be sent directly to the awardee. Scholarships can have an effect on any existing financial aid so it is important to communicate with the financial aid office at your school about scholarships that you may be receiving. Consult your college advisor with any questions or concerns you may have.

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What are the Benefits of Attending College Online?

Going to college and earning a college degree has never been easier. Whether you’re looking for degree programs that work with your busy schedule or an education built on the principles of one-on-one support and personal engagement, attending online colleges is a great option. People who choose to earn their degree online are often looking for career advancement, career changes or to enhance their resume with additional education. Earning an online degree has several benefits over an education from a traditional college classroom setting. Here are some of the benefits of going to a college online:
• Flexibility and Convenience: Online colleges allow you to learn anywhere, anytime and can be invaluable when you’re struggling to balance your work and family life. The ability to take classes from home, a coffee shop or wherever a computer can go is very beneficial to students who have a busy schedule. These flexible options allow you to fit your studies around your life, which is a plus compared with attending a traditional college.
• Affordability: Another selling point of online degree programs is its affordability. Online colleges offer competitive tuition rates, financial aid and scholarships. Students attending college online save on expenses such as commuting costs, campus fees and other spending that you usually incur at traditional colleges.
• Student-Centricity: As an online student, each person gets to respond to the course material in an online discussion before moving forward to the next topic. This high quality dialog allows each student to get involved in an in-depth conversation with the instructor and other students. In this way, students can control their learning experiences and can specifically tailor them to their needs.
• Access the Best: One of the benefits of online degree programs is that you can gain access to an online community of students, alumni and all of the dedicated staff as you move forward to the next level of your career advancement. Guest speakers or industry leaders can easily join the discussion in an online setting. In addition, the instructor can compile all the resources in an online platform so that students easily gain access to all the materials within a few clicks.
Online colleges have truly changed the face of higher education to help students achieve their professional objectives. Taking advantage of an online education can help not only advance your education, but also enhance your career. Online degree programs offer flexibility and options to best fit your personal needs and individual schedules. Moreover, the affordability, accessibility to resources and the focus on students cater to people of all ages, experiences and educational backgrounds. For these reasons, attending college online can be a great opportunity to help enhance your career and resume and can meet your lifestyle needs without interfering with your work life, family and other obligations.

Julie Perrigan currently writes for DeVry University, a higher education organization offering on campus and online degree programs. Visit to get started today.

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