College Education By The Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

College tuition:

Average published tuition and fees for in-state students at public four-year colleges rose 2.9% in the 2013-2013 academic year.  Review the infographic below, data from The Wall Street Journal.


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Mistakes Parents Make With College Aid

Many people don’t realize that the timing of certain financial decisions made by families before and during college can alter a student’s eligibility for financial aid from both the federal government and the school they attend. The entire four-year period between Jan 1 of a student’s junior year in high school through Dec 31 of the student’s senior year of college should be considered a vulnerable time. There are various factors that can affect a student’s eligibility to receive financial aid throughout their education depending on a family’s overall financial situation. Most notable financial moves that can alter a student’s eligibility are these:

The remarriage of one or more parents can significantly change the status of a student’s financial need. When a parent remarries they are required to report the income of their new spouse when filing for financial aid. Financial aid providers can take into account the income of up to four adults when calculating a student’s financial need, greatly reducing the appearance of that student’s need.

Retirement can trigger a number of different issues that can change a student’s aid eligibility. Financial aid officers make decisions based on specifically how much money exists, where it is and when it will be available. They don’t take into account that this money is intended to support a family during retirement. Certain moves such as selling a home, the inheritance of a sum of money, stock-option vesting or selling a stock can be factored into the decision made on a student’s financial aid need.

In addition, some families don’t realize that financial aid eligibility is recalculated annually and they buy a vacation home or a new car or grandparents give the student substantial financial gifts. Colleges view these equities as liquid assets which make a family’s income look larger and reducing the level of aid eligibility for the following year. If a parent is going to borrow money to cover the cost of college, they are better off getting a line of credit and pulling money out as needed.

Families who believe their case was misrepresented and received little financial aid as a result can appeal their case to the school’s financial aid office. Some schools will reassess their decision through a process called professional judgment and may adjust aid offers for families whose assets appeared more substantial than they are. It is important to be honest and transparent with financial-aid officers who deal with many families making similar appeals.

-WallStreet Journal

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Master of Science in Teaching Online

Have you always looked up to the teachers in your classroom when you were growing up? Well now’s the chance to be that type of role model to the next few generations of kids going to school! Becoming a teacher is easy, but understanding and trying to connect with the kids on a certain level is another story. If you take these courses, you can learn the inside and out of being a teacher. To get accepted to taking a master’s degree course, you have to first have your bachelor’s degree. Depending on the school, and their technique, they will require as your finishing your degree, to complete a final project along the lines of a written exam, a thesis, or a research project. It also requires you to have hundreds of hours of student teaching. Having a good relationship with the teacher that you are studying under, helps out a great deal too. You can choose between getting your degree in MIT or MEd. As an MIT graduate, you can decide whether you want to work with elementary school, middle, special ed, or high school students. As an Med graduate, you can choose between a curriculum and instruction, or something along the lines of working as an administrator for the school, i.e. board member, working underneath the superintendent, or anything else you might be able to think of what a school admin could do. Get started on your master’s degree today and start doing what you love!

Earn your Master of Science in Teaching Online. Start teaching today!

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Sports Management Degree – Bachelor Degree Online

Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management

If sports are your life, why not get your BA in sports management and have your passion become your career! This program will help you understand the basics and get you prepared to have a successful career in the dynamic industry of sports. There are so many options available to choose from in what you can major in. For example, you can become a sports agent, or work in sports medicine and be a physical therapist or even a coach for your favorite team! In addition to taking many sports management classes, you will also be taking some human resource classes along with microeconomics and business/marketing classes. The objectives of any sports management school program should include applying sports management skills to the workplace and coordinating sport-related events, activities and projects. An optimal program also provides you with internship opportunities. Being in this field might require you to go to sports games and study them rather than just enjoy the atmosphere. The program will also explore the basic legal system and principles of professional and amateur sports including the means of limiting the liability of sports organizations. Marketing concepts will be examined as they apply to sports organizations as well. Sport Management has developed rapidly as a field of study, and with it, the number of professional preparation programs has grown. There are a bunch of athletes out there looking for their next new agent to sign with, and a bunch of athletes who need help with physical therapy! Break into the sports industry today! This could be you this time next year!

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Associate’s in Software development

Associate’s in Software development

Part of living in this generation is getting accustomed to the different types of technology that we are introduced to every day. If you are one of those people who are fathomed by technology then this program is definitely for you. In a software development associate’s degree program you’ll learn the latest techniques in computer software and programming languages and how they’re used in Internet and business applications. In addition to your coursework, you’ll have a hands-on learning experience. You will learn to use programming languages such as Visual Basic to construct stand-alone applications; advanced object oriented programming languages like C++ are stressed. Many associate degree programs will also cover data management, network technologies and computer hardware.


What you learn in the program is easily transferrable to careers outside of the gaming industry (especially programming)

Programs are usually designed so you can easily transfer to a bachelor’s program if you choose

Can lead to a high-paying job (programmers earned a median salary of about $73,000, while the nationwide median salary for associate’s degree holders was $40,000 in 2011)*


A bachelor’s degree is usually required for many of the careers in the gaming industry

Programs are broad and cover all the different aspects of game development, limiting your opportunities to specialize in a particular area of game development

Some programs don’t include an internship option, so you may have to find your own ways to get experience while in school

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2011 figures).

So get out there and get started on your Associates degree on Software Development today!

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