Which Degree Earns the most money in 2014? Check out our Bracket Challenge!!!


Well March Mayhem is over, but if you’re in college, choosing the correct degree is not! UConn won the basketball tournament but which degree wins in 2014?  At the start of the tournament,  every college thinks they are the best, and they have worked hard to prove it, but only one can come out on top.  And just like the battle for best college basketball team, there is a battle going on for best college degree.  It is important to pursue your passion and find a career that you can enjoy, but you may also be interested in what earning potential a degree has as well. When it comes to starting salaries, not all degrees are created equal and, just like in basketball,  there can only be one ranked highest.  When trying to predict what degree has the highest earning potential, you may think Finance, Electrical Engineering or Economics will go all the way.  But, in the end, Petroleum Engineering knocks out all their competitors.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics describes what exactly a career in Petroleum Engineering would look like, “Petroleum engineers design and develop methods for extracting oil and gas from deposits below the earth’s surface. Petroleum engineers also find new ways to extract oil and gas from older wells.  Petroleum engineers generally work in offices or in research laboratories. However, they also must spend time at drilling sites, often for long periods of time.  Petroleum engineers must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, preferably in petroleum engineering. However, a bachelor’s degree in mechanical or chemical engineering may also suffice. Employers also value work experience, so cooperative engineering programs, in which students earn academic credit for structured job experience, are valuable as well.”  On average, Petroleum Engineers have a starting salary of $98,000.  Not only is Petroleum Engineering the winner when it comes to starting salaries, it blows its competitors out of the water.  If you have been on the fence, deciding what degree best fits your passions and career aspirations, it is important to consider all aspects, including starting salary and career earning potential.  Now is the time to pursue your dreams and get the college degree that can catapult you to the career you want.  If you do not know where to start, or are do not think you have time to earn a degree, consider earning your degree online.  There are many flexible and prestigious schools that offer online degree programs to fit your needs and schedule.   E Degree USA can help you find the right school that meets the needs of your schedule and matches your educational goals with your personal and career goals.  E Degree USA will connect you with the right school so you can get started pursuing your degree and career today!

If you’re going to school, we think you should become a Petroleum Engineer. Get back to studying and good luck!

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Job Outlook for Engineering Degree

Pursuing a college degree is a great choice and can help pave the way to the career of your dreams. But, how do you know what degree is right for you and what career you want to pursue? One degree that continually delivers in the career department is an engineering degree. Do you like mathematics? Are you a problem solver? Are you analytical by nature? There are a wide range of engineering fields that specialize in various areas of technology. Which area you pursue will be based on your skills and passions. You do not have to choose immediately as any engineering program will have you take beginning foundational courses first, just like all engineering majors. And, if you cannot make it to a college campus or have a job during the day that makes taking classes difficult, there are a number of online programs to pursue. USNews points out why engineering majors are finding success in the job field, “Engineering has become an “it” degree, recent grads are discovering, in both traditional tech professions and across the economy. While the unemployment rate for people with bachelor’s degrees was 3.9 percent in December 2012, says Mark Regets, a senior analyst at the National Science Foundation, the rate for engineers was 2 percent. And the picture will only get rosier with the aging of the baby boomers. “Half of the engineers in the power industry are going to be retiring in the next five years,” says T.E. “Ed” Schlesinger, department head of electrical and computer engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.” People with technical training have always been in demand and will always be in demand as they are invaluable to any company. With an engineering degree, you will have an opportunity to work in a wide range of fields that will continue to excite and interest you as they evolve through time. And, with an engineering degree you will have the pride of knowing you earned a challenging degree that requires great intellect. And along with that pride, will come financial security. Forbes discusses career and earning potential for engineering majors, “Engineering concentrations comprise one third of the most valuable majors. Software engineering majors (No. 4) earn a median of $87,800 after 10 years on the job; environmental engineering majors (No. 5) earn a median of $88,600; civil engineering majors (No. 6) earn a median of $90,200; and petroleum engineering majors (No. 9) earn a median of $155,000—the highest paycheck on the list.

In the Millennial Branding survey, employers reported engineering and computer information systems majors as their top recruits. Also, nearly half of these employers (47%) said the competition for new science, technology, engineering and math talent is steep. That means while other recent grads fight for jobs, these students will likely field multiple offers.” Not only is there significant earning potential, even as a new graduate, but there is projected job growth that will give you job security and higher earning potential over time. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that between 2012-2020, Civil Engineers will see 20% job growth, Biomedical Engineers will see 27% job growth, Environment Engineers will see 15% job growth, and Petroleum Engineers will see 26% percent job growth. All of these careers will see faster than average growth through 2020, making an Engineering degree very valuable. Do not let scheduling or commitments get in the way of you and your dream job. If a career in engineering sounds interesting and fulfilling, start pursuing your career today to take advantage of all the growth in the field. If you know you want to start pursuing a degree in engineering, but do not know where to start, E Degree USA can help. Figuring out just what college and degree program is best for you can be overwhelming. E Degree USA can help you find the right degree program for you because it is their goal to help match your personal goals with your educational goals. Start pursuing that engineering degree today, and soon you will be on your way to a degree and career that will not only offer high earning potential and job security, but a fulfilling and exciting career that you can be proud of.

- See more at: http://www.edegreeusa.com/enews-job-outlook-for-engineering-degree.aspx#sthash.yi6L8lqD.dpuf

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5 Reasons to Pursue a Degree in Criminal Justice

                Have you always had a passion for justice and upholding the law?  There is much more to a degree and career in criminal justice than the latest episode of Law and Order will show.  When you earn a degree in criminal justice, you can pursue a career in the legal field, mental health, law enforcement, and more.  If you are considering pursuing a degree in criminal justice, a great place to start is with E Degree USA.  E Degree USA will help you align your personal goals with your educational goals and pursue the degree, and career, of your dreams.  Below we discuss five reasons to consider pursuing a degree in criminal justice.

1.  You Want to Earn a College Degree

In today’s job industry, having a college degree can open many doors.  When being considered for a job, the person that has a college degree will almost always beat out the person that does not.  If you have always wanted to earn a college degree, earning a degree in criminal justice may be the perfect fit for you.  There are many levels of criminal justice degrees, from associates all the way to masters degrees.  No matter what your educational background or schedule constraints are, there is a criminal justice degree program right for you.  A major benefit of pursuing a criminal justice degree is that there are a number of online degree programs from prestigious schools that will help you earn a valuable and respected criminal justice degree.

2.  Your Passionate About the Justice System

Maybe you were always bored in science class or you do not have a passion for engineering.  Just because you did not have passions for those particular fields of study or other fields, does not mean there is not a degree suited perfectly for you!  If you are interested in criminal justice and want to pursue a career as a corrections officer, probation officer, legal assistant or more, a degree in criminal justice may be the right fit for you!  You can earn a degree that will open career doors for you and soon you will be working in a job that is fascinating and fulfilling.

3.  Job Outlook

One thing we know, unfortunately, is that there will always be crime.  But the good news is, there will always be a need for those willing to dedicate their lives to fighting crime and the pursuit of justice.  USNews discusses job outlook for criminal justice degrees, “While statistics show the rates of violent crimes (murder, rape and assault) and property crimes (burglary and car theft) are declining, cybercrime is on the rise, according to “The State of Criminal Justice 2012,” a report by the American Bar Association. This means students with prior academic or on-the-job experience in computer science or information technology can position themselves for coveted roles within the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the Department of Homeland Security by supplementing their experience with a criminal justice degree. But to work at the federal level, students must have a clean criminal record – no felony or drug convictions. Defaulting on a federal student loan can also disqualify students from working for a government agency. Employment prospects and earning potential for criminal justice majors vary by occupation and whether students work at the federal, state, county or local level. Additional career options for students with an online bachelor’s degree in criminal justice include private detective, crime scene investigator and probation or parole officer.”

4.  Salary Potential

One thing everyone thinks about when deciding what degree to pursue is earning potential.  It is certainly important to pursue a career that will be fulfilling and that you are passionate about.  But, if you are going to spend money on a degree, you also want to know what to expect in terms of types of jobs and salaries when you graduate.  Because there is such a wide range of potential careers that stem from a degree in criminal justice, there is also a wide range of salaries.  USNewsalso discusses criminal justice degree earning potential, “Median salaries range from $39,000 for jailers to nearly $43,000 for private investigators and close to $70,000 for detectives and criminal investigators, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.”

5.  Pride

When you pursue a college degree, nothing can compare to the pride you will have knowing how hard you worked to earn that degree.  And, when you pursue a degree in criminal justice, that pride will only be compounded by the pride you will have upholding the justice system.

- See more at: http://www.edegreeusa.com/enews-5-reasons-to-pursue-a-degree-in-criminal-justice.aspx#sthash.nuvh3szx.dpuf

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10 Really Odd Jobs

There are odd jobs, like beer taster, but then there are really odd jobs, like human bed warmer!

As odd as odd jobs can be, there’s a certain beauty to them. “Knowing about very odd jobs inspires creativity,” says photographer Nancy Rica Schiff , who has spent more than a decade documenting some of the nation’s oddest jobs for her books, Odd Jobs and Odder Jobs.

“If you can think of a service you can do that doesn’t exist, that’s fantastic, especially in this economy,” says Schiff. If you have an original idea, you may want to try to transform it into your own successful business. With a good idea, a solid business plan, and some business know-how, you can be the boss of your ownsmall business.

Be inspired by this list of odd – and odder – jobs:

Bed Warmer - Last month a Holiday Inn in London added this service: A staffer outfitted in a white fleecy getup from head to toe rolls around in your bed for five minutes (by himself/herself) and leaves you with toasty sheets.

Breath Odor Evaluator – Take deep sniffs of morning breath and breath “insulted” with coffee and other known bad-breath makers to test how mints and mouthwashes work – or don’t work.

Pollen Collector – Stand on very tall ladders to harvest the pollen-laden male sex organs of the blossoms of dozens of types of trees. The pollen is made into extracts to help allergy sufferers.

Leech Purveyor – Raise and distribute medicinal leeches which need very specific, chilly water temperatures to survive. The little suckers get shipped out to medical facilities famished and raring to do the job of taking excess blood from post-surgical wounds.

Mermaid – Swim, lip synch, and flipper around a giant “aquarium” in 72-degree spring water to entertain audiences with underwater versions of Disney musicals and other light fare. Mermaids require a year of on-the-job training and must have to be able to hold their breath for two and a half minutes while changing costumes.

Duck Master – Lead ducks in a parade into and out of hotel lobby ponds and look out for their health and well being.

Flatulence Smell Reduction Underwear Maker – Create special underwear to guard against the smell of human gas, especially designed for people with gastrointestinal problem.

Dog Breath Sniffer– Closely related to the Breath Odor Sniffer, only instead of testing the effectiveness of minty products on breath, they test how a dog’s diet affects his breath. We’re not sure which job is more appealing.

Gum Buster – Scrape gum from underneath restaurant tables and counters, theater seats and sidewalks.

Knife-Thrower’s Assistant – Smile while a seemingly sane man throws hatchets and knives. Schiff says this is not a parlor trick. “Those hatchets and knives are absolutely real and flying through the air at the assistant.”

Take a free career assessment test to discover jobs – odd or not! — that are a good match for your unique career profile and will give you great job satisfaction.

And when you’re ready to move towards a new career, continuing education can be an effective career move.

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How To Turn Your Online Education Into Your Dream Job

An online education can be a stepping stone to a great career, or even that push needed to break through a ceiling toward a promotion. But it doesn’t happen without a little planning and a lot of hard work.

To turn your online degree into your dream job, write down your realistic goals before your first class even begins. Once you make it tangible–something on your wall or desk–you’ll be more likely to constantly work toward it. Whether you want straight A’s, or simply to try something new, make sure you commit to your goals.

Create solid relationships with your classmates. Perhaps a study group is a good idea, if it works for your schedule. It will add a social nature to your otherwise solitary coursework and set you up for networking when graduation nears. Online education, like traditional higher education, still has a component of “who you know.” So get to know your peers!

On that note, meet with professors during office hours, either in person or virtually. This is a must, and unfortunately, too many students breeze past this opportunity. The connections with professors, both mental and networking, will be invaluable to you after graduation.

Additionally, ask yourself a few honest questions during the course of your classwork. What do you like to do and are you good at it? And what kind of experience does the collective workforce need? The answers to these questions (again, be honest!) will guide some of your choices regarding classes to take. You will want a schedule that reflects your professional interests and career prospects, if at all possible.

Join several professional organizations. Regardless of your career field–social work, education, engineering–professional organizations will provide you with information, job openings, and networking opportunities (and maybe even a good mixer or two).

Before you graduate, give yourself a social media cleaning and makeover. It may seem obvious, but this means you should ensure your Facebook and Twitter profiles contain no questionable photographs or posts. Additionally, you should create the types of professional profiles your managers in your field will expect. Most people should graduate with a LinkedIn profile, at the very least. Join career-related LinkedIn groups, including your university’s alumni group. Those in charge of hiring may also expect to see an active Twitter account, while others will require a personal website for showcase purposes. Set up a meeting with an adviser about six months from graduation and seek input for how to put your best foot forward regarding your online presence.

Treat your online education like any other education or career goal. Work hard and don’t cut corners. Submit thoughtful work to your professors and seek their feedback. Don’t make excuses. Show up on time (or early). Be an active participant in your education and all of your effort is sure to be worthwhile.

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