Edegree USA Indexed Colleges Observed National Distance Learning Week 2012

The last six days were full of activities, discussions, debates, campaigns and lots of interaction for the participants of the National Distance Learning Week, 2012. Today, 9th November, is the last date of the weeklong campaign that has only one objective, to promote online learning. Some of the colleges indexed in out e-portal which aims at facilitating higher education aspirants observed the week along with hundreds of other colleges. Penn Foster Career School, Berkeley College Online and many other colleges observed the week with a firm objective of promoting e-learning. Today is the grand end of the week. Scholars across America who have ever believed that education should not be restricted within geographical and other boundaries were on the forepart of this weeklong campaign.

Sloan Consortium presented statistical predictions show that online students are expected to increase over 3.6 million in the near future. 40.7% colleges offering online degrees have admitted that most, if not all, of their students are satisfied with the quality of education online. 56.2% of them took a neutral stance and only 3.1% replied in negative. E-learning, though it is a kid as a trend, already represents 10% of the entire education market in the US. Professionals, who are inside or closely associated to this vast industry, make use of video conferencing and other futuristic technologies to impart education online.

However, online colleges were not the only participants of the NDLW 2012. Various other organizations that espouse distance learning including North American Council for Distance Learning, Alliance for Distance Education in California, Kansas Association for Interactive Distance Education, Web-based Information Science Education were the active parts of the weeklong campaign to name a few. United States Distance Learning Association collaborated with Drexel University Online and Elluminate Inc. to launch and organize the campaign.

From essays and digital media contests to daily Facebook trivia, all the six days were full of participant activities. Edegree USA wishes the entire fraternity of learners, educators and industry insiders a grand closing of the campaign.

“[Distance] learning programs are invaluable because they provide a segment of our population with critical literacy and job-related skills as well as the means to take their careers to the next level.” -Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA), Chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee.

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Writer and Editor at www.EDegreeUSA.com and its blog. He has written several article on online education, e-learning trends and has achieved a renowned author name in the web arena.
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2 Responses to Edegree USA Indexed Colleges Observed National Distance Learning Week 2012

  1. nikajones225 says:

    I didn’t even know there was such a week! Learn something new everyday!!

  2. Bob Jones says:

    EdegreeUSA.com is a great resource to learn about your online and ground educational needs.

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