Alliance for Excellent Education Votes for Digital Learning Again

The Alliance for Excellent Education (AEE) is a research and policy-making organization that advocates newer ways to metamorphose higher education in the country. The Washington DC based organization promotes higher education transformation in all possible manners with an aim to make every child a graduate. The November 2012 report published by the organization (downloadable from AEE official website) clearly points out the main challenges in the current and future higher education scenario and prescribes digital learning as the correct remedy for all the challenges existent and emerging.

The AEE has clearly mentioned in its report the crucial decisions that are going to shape the next decades. Useful educational technology, as opined by the researchers and fact finders representing AEE, should have ‘Three Ts’ namely teaching, technology and (right use of) time. The alliance believes that these Tree Ts can become instrumental in school reform and ensure enhanced student performance. Online degree programs, as a matter of fact, are a concoction of all the three elements abovementioned. Some school districts have long way to go whereas some districts have shown significant progress, the report states.

EdegreeUSA highly appreciates the way AEE has espoused e-learning and digital learning since its inception in 2001. All the e-colleges listed in their website share the same objective, to promote and make more accessible higher learning to a vaster community of students. Digital learning, if blended with traditional pedagogical elements, can be an effective educational method for brick-and-mortar schools as well. The key point is, why not make the most of technology? If technology can be used for various other purposes, why not make use of the same in the educational sector, especially when higher education is still not accessible to millions out there?

The agency has demonstrated with the help of recent stats that too many students in the US are not getting access to higher learning. High school graduate percentage is as low as 72% as of now whereas only 50% of the students belonging to minority groups can succeed in the high school final exams. One fourth of the high-school pass outs are competent for college-level education.  50% of all the students entering community colleges require revision. The report unambiguously votes for advanced technology in education and elects digital learning as the solution of this deep-rooted problem.

Digital learning is an integral part of online education. There are online colleges that have successfully incorporated new-age edtech tools and methodologies. Digital learning is the solution.


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