Top 10 Undergraduate Online Degrees That Prepare You for the ‘Big-Pay’

"big pay"Online education is the buzz word in the modern society where key terms like ‘flexible’, ‘fast’, ‘easy-to-comprehend’, etc. are those that it runs on. In the breakneck speed of this era, if you find your competitors moved far ahead of you, it is because they have found the route to success in the maddening rat race. If you are looking for one such magic formula, then bettering your educational qualification is the way to go about it. Here is the list of top ten undergraduate courses that can set your life rolling with professional attainment, recognition and an enviably paycheck.

Business Management: Business studies can help you shine in your career and business management teaches you everything about organizational activities, objectives, staffing, controlling and management of resources.

Computer Science: This course teaches the students how to get a practical mastery on computers while keeping a scientific approach. The courses deal with both theories and practical lessons pertaining to computing designs.

Social Science: If you were always intrigued and mystified by human behavior and the society, this is just the right course for you as you will get to learn all about anthropology, culture, sociology, environments, human psychology, communication, etc.

Applied Arts: It is for those who dwell profoundly on the aesthetics and designs of objects of everyday use. It deals with everything like graphic designing, industrial designing, interior designing, etc.

Psychology: This is again an applied discipline that deals with the scientific analysis of human behaviors and mentalities of societal individuals. Here, you can learn all about the cognitive processes and developments of humans.

Health Sciences: Those who have the great ambition of serving mankind through medicine science can try this. The courses teach you all about treatment, first aid, surgeries, diagnosis, etc.

Performing Arts: For people with an artistic bent of mind who have the innate talent of expressing artistically, performing arts is just the right UG course that can give them a break in the theatres and the movie fraternity with time.

Legal Studies: Also referred to as jurisprudence, it is a study on the theoretical part of law and the best way for you to gain entry into the legal system of your country.

Criminal justice: This is for candidates who have an affinity for the subject criminology and an urge to correct it for societal benevolence.

Linguistics: Human language can be a broader category than you thought and people studying this course will know the context, meaning and form of language better than the obvious.


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