Online Criminal Justice Degree Salary Prospects: An Overview

People who dream about becoming a John Adams or a Henry Clay or a second Belva Lockwood always hunt for accredited degree programs in criminal justice that can help them reach the doorsteps of hood jobs. In most cases, good jobs are translated into high-paying jobs though that’s a prejudiced definition and assessment of employment as a concept. However, if you are really eager to know about the pay packages that you can expect after successfully completing an online criminal justice degree or equivalent, here below is an apercu.

Criminal Justice Salary by Jobs

A crime scene investigator or police officer’s job is easily available if you pursue a criminal justice course with the correct specialization from an accredited college. There are other jobs as well that are listed here below.

Paralegal  $29,969-$60,391
Police or Sheriff’s Patrol Officer  $29,986-$80,059
Security Manager  $36,143-$88,590
Administrative Assistant  $25,760-$53,327
Legal Assistant  $25,342-$58,193
Police Officer  $30,000-$79,000
Paralegal / Legal Assistant  $23,816-$55,369

Source:, Currency: USD | Updated: 20 Nov 2012

Criminal justice jobs are generally high-paying and if you can keep your grade scores high, you can easily get a decent paying job in any high echelon of the criminal justice and law enforcement sector. There are freelance working opportunities too in some sub-sectors.

Criminal justice salary by states

Job in the sector is not the same in all the states and your earnings will definitely not be the same for the same job in North Carolina and Texas. Here below is the state-wise list of average salary paid to criminal justice professionals.

Texas $46,203
California $55,249
New York $50,188
Florida $46,614
Georgia $43,482
Virginia $43,973
North Carolina $39,426

Source:, Currency: USD | Updated: 20 Nov 2012

Therefore, location is a big factor when you consider pursuing online criminal justice degree programs and you should do extensive research for picking up the right degree program.

What are the important considerations?

In order to increase the salary prospects, you need to do a few things.

  • Opt for higher education: A high-school diploma might not help in getting a rewarding job in the higher echelons of the criminal justice system. Pursue a Bachelor’s degree and a Master (if possible) and also learn one or two European languages (French or German).
  • Choose a major carefully: You should spend considerable time on the internet to find a good major that falls in line with your job experience and previously earned degree/diploma (s).
  • Opt for internships: There are many colleges out there such as Liberty University online that help the criminal justice students to do internships in reputable firms.

Use an online education portal such as E Degree USA to find the best online criminal justice degree programs.

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