Top Three Online Business Degree Programs Offered by Eminent US B-Schools

0.76072359085083online degreeFolks who look for business degree programs in brick-and-mortar schools often get disappointed as the programs offered by these B-schools require them to attend classes on a regular basis. Therefore, they look for the online alternatives of these business degree courses. Several US colleges are there that offer job-oriented online courses that are worth investing in your hard-earned money. Here below are the top three business degree courses that are offered by top US B-schools online.

Berkeley College Information Technology Management Degree (B.S.)

Various high-paying jobs are assured if you complete this program successfully including information systems managing jobs, web developing jobs, network administrating jobs, programming jobs, database administrating jobs and endless. Students will learn how to use information technology for organizational purposes and integrating various IT applications and technologies. Estimated cost for this program is around $100,000 (tuition fees and study material cost included).

College America B.S. in Business Administration (Human Resources as a major)

Though the program length is normally 36 months, you can complete it within 30 months as well. The program aims at preparing the students for managerial jobs and one can get job offers from both US based and international firms after completing the course fruitfully. Apart from human resource management skills, students can also acquire sales/marketing skills and accounting knowledge through this course. The course can be pursued online only and the course fee is around $72,960.

Herzing University Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Studies

Many of you may find inspiration in Mark Zuckerberg whose brainchild is Facebook, a multimillion dollar business which has given its 27 year old owner fame and wealth that anyone of his age can only dream about. If you have a mindset to start your own business, the Herzing University offered B.S. degree in Entrepreneurial Studies is a must-pursue course for you. You can acquire the required skills for starting a business. Basic accounting concepts as well as cost management and human resource management skills are also taught. The 36 month program costs $49,140 – $57,000.

Other eminent colleges

If you want to know more about the business degree programs offered by many other eminent colleges and universities that offer online business degree programs such as Anthem Career College, California College San Diego, Eagle Gate College, Eastwick College, Everest University Online, Everglades University, Florida Career College, Florida Technical College, Keiser University Online, Liberty University Online, national American University, Pittsburgh Technical Institute, Southeastern College, Stevens-Henager Campus, Virginia College, Western International University, and Westwood College, you should choose an online educational portal where all the business degree programs offered by the above mentioned eminent colleges are listed and updated regularly.

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