What Type of Courses Are Offered by Liberty University School of Religion?

Liberty School of Religion coursesLiberty University is known across the US and worldwide as a Christian university and the School of Religion is the semi-autonomous department within the university. The School of Religion offers a plethora of degree programs in this discipline. The university aims at educating its students with the teachings and principles of Jesus Christ though the format they follow is contemporary and very much relevant to the Gen-Y students who are willing to pursue religious studies. Graduates of these courses are sufficiently educated and equipped to transfer their knowledge to the generation next and are able to preach as well.

Most of the online degrees in religion discipline offered by the university are dynamic in nature and pragmatic as well as theoretical knowledge is nicely imparted to the students. Though the mode of instruction is mostly web based, the university and its faculty that comprises of some of the best professors in the country ensure that every student is provided with the necessary resources and enough guidance and that the students can learn the objectives of their learning first. Prof. Jonathan Geukgeuzian (Chairman, Department of Church Ministries and Pastoral Leadership), Dr. Wayne Brindle, Dr. J. Randall Price (founder and President of World of the Bible Ministries), Dr. David Adams are to name a few of the notable theologians comprising of the faculty line-up of the university. The School of Religion is headed by Dr. Elmer Towns, noted theologian and an author of two encyclopedias and several other books.

What are the degree programs offered by Liberty University School of Religion? Well, the university offers a vast array of degree programs in this discipline including PhD in Ministry, PhD in Pastoral Care and Counseling, PhD in Philosophy in Theology and Apologetics, MA in Evangelism and Church Management, MA in Christian Ministry, MA in Pastoral Counseling and many other courses.

If you want to find more about these online religion degree programs, check out the Liberty University Page here.

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  1. nikajones225 says:

    I think it’s great that religious universities are branching out to online courses. This must open up a world of opportunities for both teacher’s and students!!!

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