Meet the ‘Pinterest of E-Learning’ and Learnist for Learners

learnist-appsThose who are already Pinterest addicts (the number is increasing with days passing) are pinning freaks who want to pin whatever interests them on their Pinterest boards. Here comes the cousin of Pinterest with an educational flavor, Learnist. The social media learning experts have already named it the ‘Pinterest of Learning’ and the site truly deserves the nickname. Design and function wise, it is a replication of Pinterest but very different inside. To put it differently, the social media site is a great tool of the scholars, by the scholars, and for the scholars and is supposedly here to reign for years. Why should you use Learnist while studying or taking notes or taking part in group discussions? There are plenty of good reasons but I have only listed a few here.

It’s easy!

If you are a Pinterest regular, using Learnist is a no-brainer for you. However, the video tutorials used on the site are pretty helpful for new users. If you visit the site, you will find a series of boards and slides therein that are connected to different websites and multimedia elements accessible on the web. Creating and editing boards is also quite easy a job.

It’s charming!

Anybody who has genuine interest in studying can instantly dive in a whole new world of learning by using this site. Simply press on the ‘Learn it!’ button whenever you like a topic for discussion and you can explore more. Learners who have already used the beta version of the website have just loved smart and charming way of learning new things.

It looks like MS PowerPoint!

Those who have prior experience in making presentations for educational or official purposes can find the site very useful as the basic webpage layout looks like and functions as PowerPoint presentations. Arrow-keys and linkbacks make learning easy for the online learners.

The online learning tool can be utilized as a social sharing tool and as a class assignment tool. Students who are currently pursuing online degrees can easily make presentations and take part in group learning activities with the help of this tool.

Disclaimer: This is not a promotional content. E Degree USA does not promote nor is an affiliate of Learnist, Pinterest or any other Third Party Website. This blog is written with the purpose of introducing the social media learning tool to online learners who might find it useful for their learning.


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