What Is So New in New Way of Learning?

learnIf you are trying to explore what online learning really has to offer and what salient differences there are between on-site learning and online education (hereby referred as ‘New Way of Learning’ too), this blog is a must-read for you. Well, if you are one among those who still doubt the ‘new thing’ in e-learning and reserve the very idea e-learning is nothing but a gimmick, you are not alone. And there are plenty of reasons to think that e-learning is all the way same as classroom-setting learning. First, learners need to study and complete their course assignments in e-colleges as well. E-colleges are also accredited and governed by the Department of Education just like brick-and-mortar schools. Research a little bit and you could also come up with 101 similarities between online and offline learning.

Despite those similarities, e-learning is different, quite different!


This is because in brick-and-mortar schools, students used to be taught by their teachers. It means someone else has done the tough grind and the students need to gobble their subject matters up. It also means that the student has nothing to do except accepting the logical order predetermined and fixated by the mentors. Despite new-age technologies have changed the way brick-and-mortar schools used to impart higher education even 500 years ago, the basic thing is still unchanged. In 2013 as well, students learn what their teachers want them to. Of course, there are exceptions and benefits of brick-and-mortar schooling are also endless. However, here lies the greatest difference between ‘new way of learning’ and traditional learning; online students active parts of the learning/teaching process and not just learners.

Is ‘old way of learning’ all bad?

Definitely not as old-fashioned learning is still very appropriate for workplace learning and technical learning as students need to visit labs and do a lot of things practically. On the other hand, if course materials are spoonfed you, you can gen up key concepts pretty easily and the entire learning process is less challenging for the students.

Why then go to an online school?

The world of learning is constantly changing with information free-flow ensured kudos to the widespread usage of computer and the internet. Classes now are internet enabled and students find it quite easy connecting with their mentors and peers through Skype and various other mediums. Online colleges, keeping up with the latest trend, are facilitating their students to learn from home/office which is still lacking in brick-and-mortar schools. If you learn in an e-college, you do not just get the ease and comfort of attending classes from your home; you actually get the chance to tune up your learning with the constant inflow of information.

There are so many other advantages of online learning and you can find more about the difference of online and offline learning in EDegree USA blog section. For the time being, let’s recapitulate the very basic difference between offsite learning and online learning.

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One Response to What Is So New in New Way of Learning?

  1. I like the way both pro’s and cons are explained. Online education may have many issues but it offers some unmatched advantages too. My feeling is both form of education will work but brick and mortar classes will have to reinvent themselves .

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