3 Ways to Use Twitter While Pursuing an Online Degree Programs

twsmallIt is true that the Mark Zukerberg brainchild still outshines Twitter and inside the campuses, the picture is no different. However, statistics show that students are getting more tweetaholic than ever before and the student-members of the social network increased by 13% this previous year. This is because people are somewhat tired of using Facebook and Twitter itself is a great place for sharing updates in real-time. If you are studying in an online school or have plans for getting admitted, you should know how to use the social media tool for learning. Here below are 3 good tips.

Use it for connecting

Twitter has become so popular because it gives real-time updates. Within seconds or minutes after asking a question on Twitter, you can expect answers floated by your followers (people in your network). Besides, Twitter is a microblogging site and the posts here are short and crisp, easy to digest. From user’s point of view, information bits are arrayed here as a list and users can follow the links that best interest them. So you can get a panoramic view of the answers given by different experts and your peers and connecting with them comes easy.

Use it for research

If you are a newbie, you may find twitter a bit perplexing and somewhat worthless too. However, as you get with it, you can explore newer ways to research your study topics and much more using the powerful social platform. 5 things you need to keep in mind while using Twitter as a researching tool are:

  1.  Twitter has an inbuilt search engine and the algorithmic program is quite different from that of Google or Yahoo. Here you will find tweeples discussing about the topic you are searching for (most likely) and you can check out the Twitter profile of any member who might interest you and visit his website too.
  2. When you enter a search term in the search field and run a search for it, you will also get people suggestions. This list is likely to contain some of the experts in the niche.
  3. Use ‘and’, ‘or’ and ‘not’ effectively to peg down your search.
  4. Get familiar with hashtags. Hashtags are words with a ‘#’ symbol. You can find all tweets related to or containing your search term by clicking on the most relevant hashtag.
  5. There are various Twitter apps available online and are pretty beneficial for networking and finding college peers and professors. You can use these online tools to search in a smarter manner.

Use it for promoting yourself

If you are looking for a job opening, Twitter is a great place for you to get the right exposure. Prospective employers can find you and judge your knowledge and experience by your tweets. Aside from that, there are various Twitter job search tools available in the web marketplace.

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