3 Career Avenues You Can Explore with History as a Major

history majorHistory is historically one of the most disliked subjects across the world. Not only students, but their parents also have ever showed their distaste towards the liberal arts subject. Many college degree aspirants strongly believe that getting a degree with history as a major will lead to nowhere. Howbeit, majoring in history does not translate into joblessness, neither successful candidates need to look for jobs in other sectors. But the truth is, there are actually quite a few career avenues that can be explored after completing graduation with a major in history. Three of these exciting job openings are discussed here below.

  1. Tourist guide: How many of you have felt pride in your childhood after giving direction to a certain place when requested by a stranger? I am sure you are quite large in numbers and if you love your country, its natural resources, archeological marvels, and historical buildings, you will definitely love the job of a tourist guide. You can share important cultural, historical and geographical info bits with tourists and travelling opportunities are ample in this job. Salary is handsome.
  2. Museum curator: Have you seen the film Night at the Museum? Does it scare you to see Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) experiencing the exhibits of the museum coming to life? Or you find the movie quite inspiring and encouraging? If your answer is ‘yes’ for the second question, you should study history. As a museum curator, your job might include overseeing museum exhibits, conducting research, arranging for new exhibits and preservation of objet d’art. These days, curators are also required to come up with innovative ideas for promoting museums. Salary range is decent.
  3. Preservationist: Preservationists are the professionals who identify, preserve, protect and enhance places with historical importance, heritage buildings and sites and works of art. These professionals are also responsible for conducting surveys and research, apply for federal grants for the sake of preservation of historic artifacts and archeological marvels, write articles on historic places and artifacts and also take photos of these places. Documentation of historic places/artifacts is a major part of their job. The job requires nationwide travelling and is considered highly challenging.

If you are interested to take up history as your major, you should look for both online and on-campus colleges. There are several accredited colleges in the US offering degrees, diplomas and associate programs in history. Browsing through a portal like E Degree USA can be of great help.

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