Three Ways Not to Get Fired from Your First Job

height-difference-435jt021913Getting a good job in this disturbed economy is itself a challenging job and some professionals think that the first one year of doing a day job is probably the toughest phase in an entry level professional’s life. Getting the first job of life might evoke gloating feeling in your mind and the first few days might have passed getting introduced with your new colleagues and getting with the new work environment. But here comes the real challenge, you got to save your job. It’s not that companies are not recruiting anymore and you cannot find jobs matching your category in local classifieds. But the thing is, HR managers do not smile on CVs that come with phrases like ‘been there, got terminated’. And these people just love to throw rejected CVs in trash bins.

So how to make sure that you deserve the chair you have been permitted to reserve during work hours? Here below are some tips.

Understand the KPI of the job164-HR007-42-27132432

Every job comes with certain responsibilities and the performance of the workers in the same rank is evaluated on the basis of some set parameters that are widely known as Key Performance Indicators. If you can understand the KPI of your job and know what your priority is, handling your daily responsibilities would come easier for you. If nothing is stated clearly in the appointment letter given to you, do not waffle to ask your immediate supervisor. Also do not forget to ask him how your performance will be evaluated during appraisal.

Attend employee-centric workshops

employee-workshopOrganizations these days conduct a lot of workshops and training programs that are aimed at boosting the performance graph of the employees. Some workshops are meant only for new recruits and are aimed at ingraining the organizational goals and objectives. If you attend a workshop or a training program, you can easily understand what the management wants their employees to do and what is the ideal performance from the employer’s perspective. These workshops are great intra-departmental networking platform too.

Go back to school

1003_cioNot literally, but you should find and pursue degree programs that can boost your career growth. For example, if you have got in the healthcare sector and your job involves managing huge data sets on an everyday basis, you can pursue an online health information management program. There are colleges that offer fully online or blended programs for working professionals and getting enrolled for an accredited college degree is always a good idea, no matter whether you have just joined your first job or a seasoned professional. Just do spend time in research so that you can zero in on the most appropriate degree for you.

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