Do you like Computers? Do you play Video Games?

Than an IT degree is perfect for you! An IT degree is an information technology degree, which means it focuses on the branch of engineering that pertains to the use of computers to collect, store, and share and protect information. An Information technology degree differs from computer science in that one is expected to understand and explore management and information theory.

There are many different branches in an IT degree. Here are some IT degrees broken into four different categories. They are:

1. Graphic Design: The program embraces the entire range of visual communication, recognizing that design is a cultural force that spans consumer, commerce and social causes. The program provides a robust curriculum of conceptual problem solving, innovation, critical thinking and formal design as well as branding and marketing strategies. There is such a high demand for well-designed graphics. Whether in a million dollar selling movie or just in a local commercial. Most clients expect their company’s branding will help elevate and promote their status. A degree in graphic design will open up many different choices and varieties for certain companies and industries, including web design, software development, electronic imaging, along with many others. The program provides you an opportunity to develop understanding of color, design and typography.

 2.  Programming:  You can be part of a team that provides customized software solutions for businesses and consumers. These solutions can help streamline the systems operations of many different businesses. Computer programming degree programs offer a foundation in computer science, networking and systems technology, as well as applied training in the current programming languages. Programmers also learn to use automated CASE (computer-assisted software engineering) tools and programmer environment applications that increase productivity by combining discrete programming functions. This program can help graduates prepare for careers in a variety of entry-level positions in various fields involving software applications and programming, such as database programmer, junior programmer, software support technician and software tester. If you enjoy solving puzzles, are comfortable with logical thinking and solution development, and enjoy working in a team setting, software applications and programming is an IT area you might like to pursue.

3.  Cloud Computing: This is a hot new field that lots of people are getting more and more interested in. It concentrates on theory and practice, and provides students with the flexibility to carry out challenging project work on networked computing either at a university or within the industry. It is suitable for students with a Bachelor’s degree in computing science. This course prepares graduates to pursue careers as architects or project managers, to undertake basic research or establish their own consulting or software development companies. It prepares students for careers in advanced software development, technology management and commercial and academic research. This program balances the technical with the business and finance issues of cloud computing. On the other hand, the program leverages our experience in the area and provides in-depth knowledge and skills of leading edge technologies, such as mobile computing.

4.  Web Design: You will learn how to apply skills such as fundamental design principles, web content management, and animation to produce high-quality web-enabled graphics and be able to develop web pages, advertising, and multimedia projects. Advertising agencies, marketing firms, and in-house corporate communications departments are just a few places where you can find a web graphic design career. It covers both front and back development. You will learn the tools and technology needed to understand the language of web design and how to take that knowledge into a professional career creating a variety of interactive web content. General career development skills are also covered, such as computer business applications, personal finance management, and communication. You’ll also learn how to prepare yourself for that first step into the web design industry. 

Maybe you’re thinking, “Okay there are a lot more interesting things I can go into from an IT degree.” And you’re right! In addition to this, you have many different opportunities to pursue your IT degree. And you’re not alone in this; there are many people out there in your same situation. 

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